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Share the Bible App with your church.

People tell us they’re spending more time than ever in the Bible because it’s always with them on their phones and tablets.

You can help your church get connected with the Bible App by using these videos, slides, and print resources.

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Encourage Bible engagement

Church leaders can set the tone for daily time in God’s Word. Here's how to help your church engage with Scripture using the Bible App:

Using the Bible App in a group setting.
  1. Use the Bible App in your weekend teaching. Mentioning the Bible App during your message is a simple way to encourage people to use the app.
  2. Commit to a reading plan together as a church, or prompt people to choose their own. Hundreds of plans are available: full Bible, partial Bible, topical, and devotional.
  3. Let people know it's okay to use the app during church. Pulling up a verse on their phone will be easier if they aren't worried about giving others the wrong impression.
  4. Share verses with your church on Twitter and Facebook. With a few taps, you can share an encouraging verse or something you're learning from Scripture during the week.