Lecrae - A Bible App Story

Lecrae - A Bible App Story

America's top football players use The Bible App

America's top football players use The Bible App

Youversion in Haiti

Youversion in Haiti

Languages of the world

Languages of the world

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What people are saying

"@YouVersion has changed my life. So good to have a way that's working for me to really get into the Word. Very grateful."

"I just completed a one-year Bible reading plan on @YouVersion. It was one of the highlights of my year."

"@YouVersion I probably have 100 apps and this is the only 1 that daily makes a difference in my life. Thank you..."

"I have tried dozens of Bible reading plans in the past, but none of them seem to work out. My motivation usually evaporates within less than a month. So far, I have kept up with every day of my plan this year because your app makes it simple and allows me to bookmark and make notes wherever I want! Staying in God's Word has made such a remarkable difference in my life."

"90 days ago I began reading the whole Bible. Thanks to @YouVersion for keeping me on track, today I completed my goal."

"Having Instant access to @YouVersion has encouraged and helped me in desperate times of need & my day2day struggle in my walk in this life."

"It's the first time in our marriage that we have had devotions together and is such a blessing. It's actually drawing us closer together."

"As a not-so-devoted Buddhist, I'm using @YouVersion to discover more about Christianity in hoping to find hope."

"@YouVersion My family uses this as we go through the Bible reading program with our church. My 9 year old son LOVES it. Has it on his iPod."

Blog Posts

The Bible App in the News

This July, the YouVersion community helped the Bible App reach 100 million installs on mobile devices around the globe. God is truly doing something remarkable, and media outlets worldwide are covering this historic milestone—including a story on the front page of the New York Times! You’re part of this celebration, so we wanted to make sure you have the opportunity to read and share the good...

Celebrating 5 Years of the Bible App: Thank You

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” —Ephesians 3:20, New Living Translation A Simple App. When Apple opened its App Store on July 10, 2008, YouVersion’s Bible App™ for iOS was there, one of only 200 free apps. No one knew if that experiment would even work, let alone what impact apps and...

100 Million Reasons to Celebrate

God is up to something amazing… The Bible App has reached 100 MILLION installs on smartphones and tablets around the world! The goal to reach 100 million by July 10 wasn’t reasonable. We knew something extraordinary would have to happen for us to get here…and it did. You, the incredible YouVersion community, responded in a huge way. We didn’t just hit our target—we beat it by a few days. Thank...

Worldwide YouVersion Community Shatters Records Throughout March

When The Bible series was breaking ratings records this past Sunday, attracting nearly 100 million viewers over the course of its run, YouVersion was making history as well with a month full of firsts: The Bible series producers named the Bible App™ their official app of the series even before the first episode aired. During the first episode of The Bible, YouVersion debuted its first-ever...

America’s Top Football Players Use the Bible App

The biggest day in American sports is here, and the Bible App is part of the conversation for players on both sides of the field. We had a special opportunity, thanks to, to talk with several players who are competing in the big game today. Like so many of you, their love for God’s Word has grown by being able to read the Bible anytime, anywhere with the Bible App. Whether it’s...

The Bible App Around the World: Over 600 Versions, 375 Languages

No matter where you live, no matter what language you prefer, we want to help you engage with the Bible every day. You may know that thanks to YouVersion’s generous Bible publishing partners, the Bible App™ already offers more than 600 versions of the Bible in more than 375 languages. What you may not know is that the Bible App has been installed and used in every country on earth, and that about...