YouVersion Bible
on Amazon Alexa

First Century Christians treasured the apostles’ letters, hand-copying passages onto scraps of papyrus to share with one another. Today, our smartphones give us hundreds of complete Bibles in our pockets. And those early believers would be astonished to see us speak into the air… and then hear God’s inspired Word read back to us!

YouVersion Bible for Amazon Alexa is completely free and lets you listen to any book, chapter, or verse of the Bible, your daily Reading Plan, and the Verse of the Day on any smart speakers or devices that work with Amazon Alexa.

To get started, simply say, “Alexa, open YouVersion Bible.”

Things you can do with YouVersion Bible…

Ask for any book, chapter, or verse – here are just a few examples, but you can try whatever phrasing feels most natural to you


  • …tell YouVersion Bible to read Luke.”
  • …tell YouVersion Bible I want to listen to First Corinthians chapter 13.”
  • …ask YouVersion Bible to read John 3:16.”

Listen to your Bible Plan – after linking your YouVersion account, you can listen to your most recently subscribed Bible Plan

“Alexa, ask YouVersion Bible to read my Plan.”

Hear the Verse of the Day – quickly listen to YouVersion’s Verse of the Day

“Alexa, ask YouVersion Bible for the Verse of the Day.”

Use your favorite Bible translation – select from five different Bible versions that feature audio recorded by professional narrators


  • …ask YouVersion Bible to switch to the English Standard Version.”
  • …tell YouVersion Bible to use the King James.”
  • …tell YouVersion Bible to use the New International Version.”
  • …ask YouVersion Bible to make my version the NLT.”
  • …tell YouVersion Bible to start using the Message.”


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