Bible App for Kids sees significant increase in global engagement amidst the pandemic

YouVersion and OneHope celebrate milestone of 50 million installs

OKLAHOMA CITY (Sept. 10, 2020)—In the midst of a global pandemic, YouVersion and OneHope are seeing record-breaking installs of the Bible App for Kids. Within the first eight months of 2020, the app was installed on more than 14 million unique devices, an increase of 193% compared to the same timeframe last year. The recent surge in growth helped the app reach a new milestone—50 million unique installs since its launch in 2013. 

In addition to the spike in app installs, the Bible App for Kids has also seen more Bible Stories completed within the app this year than ever before. Since January, kids from around the world have completed more than 109 million Bible App for Kids Stories, which depict 41 big stories of the Bible. By the end of 2020, YouVersion and OneHope project a total of 175 million Stories will be completed this year, which will be a 95% increase over the previous record set in 2019.

“We are in awe of how God continues to use the Bible App for Kids as a resource for so many families,” said OneHope President Rob Hoskins. “It’s an honor to come alongside these parents who are looking for help and give them some much needed support in the middle of this turbulent time.”

The Bible App for Kids is designed to help young children fall in love with God’s Word. It’s currently available in 58 languages and has been installed in every country in the world. Through interactive animations and fun activities, children learn about God and engage in a journey through the Bible. Children can earn badges when they complete a set of Bible Stories in the proper sequence, which helps them see how each story fits into the bigger story God’s Word is telling.

Parents can also sign into the app with their YouVersion account to create profiles for their children and receive weekly email updates detailing their progress. This Weekly Wrap-Up is customized for each family, showing a Story Highlight for each child who completed Bible Stories that week. This highlight includes a short summary of the Bible Story for the parent, discussion questions they can ask their kids, and a simple activity the family can do together.

“In a year filled with so much uncertainty, it’s incredibly humbling and encouraging to see a record number of parents turn to the Bible App for Kids to help their children navigate this difficult season and grow spiritually,” said YouVersion Director Brian Russell.  

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